PyPi distribution

The package requires Python version >=3.7 . It can be installed with:

pip install eo-learn

In order to avoid heavy package dependencies it is possible to install each subpackage separately:

pip install eo-learn-core
pip install eo-learn-coregistration
pip install eo-learn-features
pip install eo-learn-geometry
pip install eo-learn-io
pip install eo-learn-mask
pip install eo-learn-ml-tools
pip install eo-learn-visualization

Before installing eo-learn on Windows it is recommended to install the following packages from Unofficial Windows wheels repository:

cartopy (required by eo-learn-visualization[FULL])

One of dependecies of eo-learn-mask subpackage is lightgbm package. On windows it requires 64 bit Python distribution. If having problems during installation please check LightGBM installation guide.

A part of subpackage eo-learn-visualization requires additional dependencies which don’t get installed by default. Those can be installed with

pip install eo-learn-visualization[FULL]

Conda Forge distribution

The package requires a Python environment >=3.7.

Thanks to the maintainers of the conda forge feedstock (@benhuff, @dcunn, @mwilson8, @oblute, @rluria14), eo-learn can be installed using conda-forge as follows:

conda config --add channels conda-forge

conda install eo-learn

In order to avoid heavy package dependencies it is possible to install each subpackage separately:

conda install eo-learn-core
conda install eo-learn-coregistration
conda install eo-learn-features
conda install eo-learn-geometry
conda install eo-learn-io
conda install eo-learn-mask
conda install eo-learn-ml-tools
conda install eo-learn-visualization

Run with Docker

A docker image with the latest released version of eo-learn is available at Docker Hub. It provides a full installation of eo-learn together with a Jupyter notebook environment. You can pull and run it with:

docker pull sentinelhub/eolearn:latest
docker run -p 8888:8888 sentinelhub/eolearn:latest

An extended version of the latest image additionally contains all example notebooks and data to get you started with eo-learn. Run it with:

docker pull sentinelhub/eolearn:latest-examples
docker run -p 8888:8888 sentinelhub/eolearn:latest-examples

Both docker images can also be built manually from GitHub repository:

docker build -f docker/eolearn.dockerfile . --tag=sentinelhub/eolearn:latest
docker build -f docker/eolearn-examples.dockerfile . --tag=sentinelhub/eolearn:latest-examples