Module for adding data obtained from sentinelhub package to existing EOPatches

class eolearn.io.geopedia.AddGeopediaFeatureTask(feature, layer, theme, raster_value, raster_dtype=<class 'numpy.uint8'>, no_data_val=0, image_format=MimeType.PNG, mean_abs_difference=2)[source]

Bases: eolearn.core.eotask.EOTask

Task for adding a feature from Geopedia to an existing EOPatch.

At the moment the Geopedia supports only WMS requestes in EPSG:3857, therefore to add feature to EOPatch in arbitrary CRS and arbitrary service type the following steps are performed: * transform BBOX from EOPatch’s CRS to EPSG:3857 * get raster from Geopedia Request in EPSG:3857 * vectorize the returned raster using rasterio * project vectorized raster back to EOPatch’s CRS * rasterize back and add raster to EOPatch

Stores initialization parameters and the order to the instance attribute init_args.


Add requested feature to this existing EOPatch.