Module with tasks that integrate with GeoDB

To use tasks from this module you have to install dependencies defined in requirements-geodb.txt.

class eolearn.io.extra.geodb.GeoDBVectorImportTask(feature, geodb_client, geodb_collection, geodb_db, reproject=True, clip=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: eolearn.io.geometry_io._BaseVectorImportTask

A task for importing vector data from geoDB into EOPatch

  • feature ((FeatureType, str)) – A vector feature into which to import data

  • geodb_client (xcube_geodb.core.geodb.GeoDBClient) – an instance of GeoDBClient

  • geodb_collection (str) – The name of the collection to be queried

  • geodb_db (str) – The name of the database the collection resides in [current database]

  • reproject (bool, default = True) – Should the geometries be transformed to coordinate reference system of the requested bbox?

  • clip (bool, default = False) – Should the geometries be clipped to the requested bbox, or should be geometries kept as they are?

  • kwargs – Additional args that will be passed to geodb_client.get_collection_by_bbox call (e.g. where=”id>-1”, operator=”and”)

property dataset_crs

Provides a “crs” of dataset, loads it lazily (i.e. the first time it is needed)


Dataset’s CRS

Return type