Module for computing the Local Binary Pattern in EOPatch

class eolearn.features.local_binary_pattern.LocalBinaryPatternTask(feature, nb_points=24, radius=3)[source]

Bases: eolearn.core.eotask.EOTask

Task to compute the Local Binary Pattern images

LBP looks at points surrounding a central point and tests whether the surrounding points are greater than or less than the central point

The task uses skimage.feature.local_binary_pattern to extract the texture features.

  • feature

    A feature that will be used and a new feature name where data will be saved. If new name is not specified it will be saved with name ‘<feature_name>_LBP’.

    Example: (FeatureType.DATA, ‘bands’) or (FeatureType.DATA, ‘bands’, ‘lbp’)

  • nb_points (int) – Number of point to use

  • radius (int) – Radius of the circle of neighbors


Execute computation of local binary patterns on input eopatch


eopatch (eolearn.core.EOPatch) – Input eopatch


EOPatch instance with new key holding the LBP image.

Return type